Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Project #2 - Travel Guide

Project 2 – State Travel Guide

In addition to the book talk, students will make a travel brochure encouraging their classmates to visit another state. Students either need to visit or write to another state’s visitor’s center and collect information to include in their brochure. The brochure may not be a replica of one the state actually produces, and should include information about any other places your family actually visits in their travel guide. 

Hopefully this can be incorporated into any family vacation you already had planned, but if you are unable to travel this summer, then students are encouraged to call or write to other states, visit websites, and obtain other resources for travel information about another state. Students may not choose Missouri for their travel guide projects.

For a day trip, the Oklahoma visitor’s center in Miami is less than two hours away from Springfield. Harrison, Arkansas visitors center is ninety minutes away, and Kansas’ nearest I could find is the other side of Kansas City in Atchison, KS about four hours away.

The students’ brochures should explain basic facts about the state, major features of the state and key places of historical or cultural significance. Please see the attached example about Missouri. Microsoft Office has many free brochure templates that can be downloaded. Students may also hand-write and draw their own illustrations, but attention to detail, good handwriting, and neatness should be emphasized. I want this to be a fun, student-completed project, and we will share this during the first week of school as well. Students are welcome to bring photographs and other small souvenirs from their state trip along with their brochure to share with the class.

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Thanks!  Mrs. Garrett

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